A Conversation with Patrice DeLorenzo

Get to know this year's Festival Artwork artist!

"Summertime Sonata" by Patrice DeLorenzo

We are excited to reveal this year’s commissioned Festival Artwork, Summertime Sonata, by local artist Patrice DeLorenzo!

Patrice is a professional artist living and working in Southwest Colorado, whose museum-quality custom paintings are often described using words like “calming,” “peaceful,” and “joyful.”

While creating the piece for our 38th year, Patrice drew from the emotional impact classical music has on us all. As Patrice explains it, “In both music and painting, there is a layering of sound and instrumental parts, each coming together to create a symphony of emotions. Just as in a painting, there is space between the notes and between the instruments, allowing for a deeper resonance with the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of our being. When the music and the painting strike the chord they are meant to, they resonate deeply within us, touching us in ways that are truly remarkable, harmonious, and profound.”

Read on to get to know more about Patrice, her background, and where the inspiration for this year’s piece came from.

How would you describe your work for those who might not know you?

As an introverted artist with a deep curiosity about the creative nature of others, I’ve always found joy in connecting with people through my art. My collectors often describe my paintings using words like ‘calming’, ‘peaceful’, and ‘joyful’ – adjectives they also use to describe my essence. This genuine connection with my audience is not just about the visual appeal of my work; it’s about how my art resonates with their emotions and memories, creating a unique and personal experience for each viewer.

When did you first begin producing art & what's your background?

Although creating pictures was high on my list of daily activities as a child, my artistic journey began in my teenage years, marked by a pivotal shift from an aspiring nurse to a passionate artist. When I picked up my pencil to draw portraits from National Geographic, I discovered a skill and passion that surprised me. This discovery led me down a path of relentless creativity, even through years when circumstances kept me from painting.

From the moment I received my BFA and MFA in painting, my artistic journey has been one of continuous growth and recognition. In 1989, I embarked on a fulfilling teaching career, ultimately sharing my passion for art with students of all ages.

How long have you been in Southwest Colorado and how did you end up here?

I’m a Boston native and I have resided in the Four Corners since 1998. I fell in love with the varied landscape of the Southwest and have lived in Durango, CO since 2013. I’m very pleased to have numerous private collectors, students, and followers of my art.

Where do you find your inspiration, and what inspired you to work on this piece for Music in the Mountains?

I’m a nature lover, mesmerized by the magnificent, such as sunrises, sunsets, dramatic light, and shadow. But I’m most often drawn to notice the most delicate of color transitions in the shoulder seasons, finding beauty in the less dramatic and more intimate spaces between the leaves and bushes, the dried flowers and grays of winter, and any misty view in the morning or evening. The fragrances of the seasons and depicting the essence of a flower have always been of great interest and inspiration to me.

While conceiving and creating the painting “Summertime Sonata” for the 38th year of the Music in the Mountains Festival, I immersed myself in the profound impact of classical music on our emotions and the creative spirit within us all. I envisioned the process of creation as analogous to planting a seed, from which ideas and visions bloom in diverse and unexpected ways. This growth unfolds layer by layer, much like the delicate petals of a flower, reaching and expanding like a fountain toward the sky.

Our 2024 Festival artwork artist, Patrice DeLorenzo.

What's your favorite piece of music, classical or otherwise?

When circumstances prevented me from painting for a while, there came a time when I could no longer endure the hole in my life. One day, as fate would have it, I found myself listening to Tchaikovsky’s Four Seasons, and I was deeply moved by the emotions it evoked, much like the way painting touches my soul. I began painting, pursuing my passion and feeling whole again. So many of my paintings through the years have been inspired by music. From the opposite perspective, it’s fascinating to note that Debussy found inspiration for his compositions in the beauty of impressionist paintings. The music and painting are both inspirational.

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