Music in the Mountains

Youth Ambassador Scholarships

The Music in the Mountains Youth Ambassador Scholarship program, sponsored by Bank of Colorado, is an opportunity for selected Junior and Senior high school students to expand and enhance their musical knowledge and talent.

Selected students will act as a representative of Music in the Mountains and win a scholarship package with an estimated value of $3,000/student.

As a Music in the Mountains Youth Ambassador Scholarship recipient, our four selected students will receive a scholarship for the full cost of a weekly private music lesson for 16 weeks, as well as monthly mentor sessions with a Music in the Mountains musician via Zoom.
Additionally, they receive 2 free tickets to each of selected Music in the Mountains Festival Orchestra and Chamber concerts as well as a performance opportunity during the 2022 Festival at a special education gala event.

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Meet our 2022 Scholarship Recipients!

Parker Aronson

Senior; Durango High School

Instrument: Harpsichord

“Playing in the Baroque Ensemble (at Fort Lewis College) changed me as a musician for the better as I knew I had found my niche: playing music that truly resonated with me and especially playing the harpsichord.
I had played the organ and the piano for a few years prior, however I hadn’t felt I had found a connection to either instrument until being introduced to the harpsichord, which I felt was just what I had been longing for in a musical instrument.”

Rowan Clark

Junior; Durango High School

Instrument: Flute

“During my career so far as a high school musician I have deeply committed myself to my pathway and dream of becoming a musician, and because I am multi instrumental, becoming a session musician in some shape or form would be ideal.
I have been a member of the San Juan Youth Symphony since freshman year, and recently this year I have also committed to being an intern with the Junior Orchestra where I attend and help teach the junior orchestra members.”

Freya Underwood

Junior; Bayfield High School

Instrument: Violin

“To know that you are a part of something beautiful that creates an impact that is greater than yourself is truly the best feeling in the entire world, it’s unimaginable.
When Covid hit, it was again one of those times in my life that music was my only constant. I could play it for people and the sadness and loneliness that was everywhere was gone. It was joy, the truest joy, the kind when your mom makes you chicken noodle soup
when you are sick.”

Zion Mooney

Senior; Durango High School

Instrument: Percussion

“Ever since I was a little kid, I have romanticized the idea of being a musician; I have always believed that music has the power to communicate on a deeper level. Not only do I now have the ability of musical articulation, but I have also learned so much about how I can express myself and interact with others.
I desire to continue my music education and be able to write more music, sharing it with others. I hope to become a skilled musician, mastering reading, improvisation, and the general making of music.”