Music in the Mountains

Juilliard Extension Online Scholarship

Applications must be received by December 9, 2022!

The Music in the Mountains Online Music Theory/Ear Training Scholarship program, sponsored by Bank of Colorado and offered through Juilliard Extension, is an opportunity for selected students in grades 9 – 12 with the desire to expand and enhance their musical knowledge by attending online classes at Juilliard Extension.

Students will be placed based on an assessment test conducted by Juilliard Extension and will likely start with Elements of Music Theory and progress through to Music Theory and Analysis I and II or Introduction to Ear Training, Ear Training I and II. Learn more here about the Juilliard Extension program.

Scholarship recipients will be awarded for the class that they test into and will need to re-apply for additional class scholarship funds each year. Scholarship recipients receive significant offsetting financial support towards the costs of tuition.

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"My professor was extremely thorough and precise. He had boundless knowledge of the subject as well as of music more generally, including its historical roots."
“One of the best professors I have ever had. Explains everything clearly and makes sure everyone understands before moving on.”

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Juilliard Extension Online Scholarships are awarded to students in grades 9 – 12 in a La Plata County school.
  • Students must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Students and their families must seriously contemplate the commitment that
    accepting the Juilliard Extension Online Scholarship will be.
  • Only completed applications including all required materials will be considered.

Return completed applications to by December 9, 2022.

“Class schedule was very convenient and easy! Online technology made the class interactive and engaging!”

Application Guidelines

  • All parts of the application must be completed and returned to Music in the Mountains, either by completing the online form or by sending a completed form via email to by December 9, 2022 to be considered for the award.
  • The application is in four parts:
    • Part 1 – General Information, filled out in full, and signed by both the student and a parent or guardian
    • Part 2 – A short 2 page, double spaced essay written by the student (see instructions on page 3 of application).
    • Part 3 – A letter of recommendation by a music teacher (see instructions on page 3 of application).
    • Part 4 – Submit an audition video 3 – 5 minutes in length. Any genre of music will be accepted.
  • Application part 3 must be completed by the student’s recommending music teacher, private or in school – this part may be turned in separately from the rest of the application.
  • Scholarship awards will be decided by a panel of professional musicians associated with Music in the Mountains and the Music in the Mountains Education Committee.
“Studying at Juilliard Extension allowed me to better prepare for AP exam and earn college credit!”