Music in the Mountains

Juilliard Online Extension Scholarship

The Music in the Mountains/Juilliard Online Extension Class Scholarship program is an opportunity for selected students in grades 9 – 12 with the desire to expand and enhance their musical knowledge by attending online classes at Juilliard Extension.

Students are placed based on an assessment test conducted by Juilliard Extension and will likely start with Elements of Music Theory and progress through to Music Theory and Analysis I and II or Introduction to Ear Training, Ear Training I and II. Learn more here about the Juilliard Extension program.

Scholarship recipients will be awarded for the class that they test into and will need to re-apply for additional class scholarship funds each year. Scholarship recipients receive significant offsetting financial support towards the costs of tuition.

Meet Our 2024 Recipients!

Juilliard Extension Scholarship Recipients

2024 scholarship winner audrey

Audrey Cuthbertson

Sophomore | Durango High School

Instrument: Flute

“Music is something that I will continue in high school and through college because as much as it can stress me out, as hard as it can get, it always is worth it. It continues to be worth the hard hours of work, to sit on the stage with lights beaming in my face, to dress up for an ensemble to come together in perfect balance and blend. To be surrounded by people who share the same passion as me, and play. That feeling will never cease to surprise and thrill me. Music has brought me friendship, laughter, connection, and love, and for that, I will forever be in its debt.”

Nathan Newman

Senior | Durango High School

Instrument: Violin

“During my childhood, music played a significant role in shaping the person I am today. Its universal language transcends boundaries and connects people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

My personal journey has given me a deep appreciation for the transformative power of music and a firm belief in its ability to heal and inspire. I hope to use this scholarship as a platform to share my story and inspire others to find their own love for music, just as I did.”

2024 scholarship recipient savannah

Savannah Roy

Sophomore | Durango High School

Instrument: Piano

“Music has helped me in multiple aspects of my life. From an ease of anxiety to a stronger brain in math, music has been there for me as a tool to utilize and a friend to come back to. In the future I hope it will be a staple I could use to reassure myself that I am on the right path, and remind myself as to what I am accomplishing. I cannot wait to see what the future entails and I certainly cannot wait to be held with the honor of experiencing immense musical growth through the Juilliard scholarship!”

Grace White Sandlin

Senior | Durango High School

Instrument: Voice

“Singing has been my passion and a way of liberating me since I was a young girl. In contrast to instruments that you purchase, no matter what financial resources my single dad and I had, singing was accessible and free of charge. Mary, my beautiful grandmother, gave me my first karaoke machine when I was six years old, and my memory likes to place my grandmother’s loving thoughtfulness next to the love I felt for singing at that age. I have been inspired by the way Durango cultivates music and creativity. I appreciate the work Music in the Mountains does to further enrich Durango’s stage for passionate artists and musicians like myself and my peers.”

Denny Woods

Sophomore | Durango High School

Instrument: Piano

“My musical voyage started with the piano at the age of eight, inspired by my mother’s own childhood experience with the instrument. The first piece I mastered was Bach’s Prelude in C Major, a learning process shared with my mother. My performance of Fur Elise at a fourth-grade talent show caught the attention of Mika Inouye, who became my piano teacher. Under her tutelage, I’ve honed my technique and artistic expression.

This scholarship is not just financial aid; it represents a stepping stone towards my goal of studying music theory and composition in college. It’s crucial for me to fully understand and express myself through music, and like a tree growing a new branch, this scholarship will add depth and richness to my musical journey.”